Updated Status of the Pharmaceuticals Procurement and Distribution

20 February 2017

A Procurement and distribution plan for Consignment 3 has been started and will be presented to the Ministry of Health for approval before the end of February. Once this is given we can start the process of obtaining approvals for transport from the ONS and JVMM.

Distribution Status

Consignment 3 is being kitted. This will be fully completed FCA by 14th March. Discussions are ongoing with DFID regarding altering the transport factor from sea/land freight to air freight. This is in an effort to reduce the gap in the supply chain that was discerned in November. We expect a decision on this any day.

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HPF Supply Chain Bulletin 20170213

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Health Pooled Fund 2

Under the HPF Phase II (HPF2), IPA  supports the Government of the Republic of South Sudan with the essential components of the supply chain for pharmaceuticals and medical consumables. CHDs are supported in strengthening the supply chain management and utilisation of quality pharmaceuticals and medical products in the county. Presently, most of the pharmaceuticals are delivered in a “push” system in the form of pre-packed kits, but this will move this to a “pull” system according to the needs of the facilities, while still aligning to the MOH Essential Drugs list. This will require coherent strategies that will oversee quantification, procuring, financing, storage and distribution of drugs and supplies. This will mean using standard requisition and reporting forms, stock cards and monitoring the utilisation of drugs at facilities.