IPA’s Supply services target the needs of UN Agencies, non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and international aid organizations focused on development and humanitarian aid. Over the last two decades our scope of supply has expanded from common user items to custom built capital equipment.

Our experienced and dedicated buying team truly covers the whole global supply chain, from strategic sourcing of goods to commissioning and delivery of the goods to the final destination. IPA’s location in the vicinity of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, plus our own bonded warehouse near the port of Rotterdam and our in-house logistics management capacity, enables us to offer a comprehensive supply service.


Highlighted projects

Supply of Canned Corned Beef

For the aid of Palestine refugees in the near east, the UNRWA has set up a project to supply nutritious food items to the affected areas. This included 1,596,000 cans of Halal corned beef to be delivered at the UNRWA main warehouse in Gaza to be used for free distribution to Palestinian refugees.

IPA Europe b.v. ensured the correct supply and delivery of the required cans of Halal corned beef to the UNRWA warehouse in Gaza. The quality and quantity inspection was coordinated together with the UN through IPA Europe b.v. and received a clean inspection report.



Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of various equipment for the Dairy Value Chain Development Program in South Western Uganda

Agribusiness Initiative Trust (aBi Trust) has received funding from a delegated cooperation between the Royal Danish Embassy (RDE) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands (EKN) in support of primary dairy cooperatives under the Dairy Value Chain Development Program in South Western Uganda. IPA, together with another Dutch Company, Scherjon Dairy Equipment b.v. has arranged for the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of various equipment. The scope included the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the following items to 90 sites in South Western Uganda:

Metallic Milk Cans, Laboratory Equipment and Apparatus and Insulated Tankers (to be mounted on Trucks).

The systems are planned to be installed in Milk Collection Centres/Dairy Primary Cooperative Societies (DPCS), which collect the milk every day in the morning & evening from member milk producers. The milk collected shall be stored in the proposed Bulk Milk Cooler and chilled from ambient temperature to 4°C. The stored milk shall be dispatched to bulking centres/dairy plants using insulated road milk tankers once in a day.



WASH 2012 – Mobile Drilling Rig Project (MB Trucks, Rockbuster Drilling equipment & Body Builder Build-up)

World Vision has been developing its WASH capacity in Africa for over 30 years. Working with significant private donors since 1985 they have established a highly effective team of technical experts, drilling crews, and community coordinators who have quenched the thirst for millions of people, mostly in parched lands of western Africa. Realization of their future WASH program goals is dependent on the expansion of the drilling crews and technical teams, along with expansion of our community mobilization and education teams. Expanding the teams and operational capabilities will be a key focus for this program. The additional capacity will be leveraged through the remaining years of the program.

IPA Europe b.v., in cooperation with USA IPA, was contacted in the initial phase by World Vision to join the consultation & bidding procedure. After the consultation and bidding procedure was ended the contract for the design, purchase, build-up, contract management & logistical execution was awarded to IPA. IPA has custom designed the trucks following the demands from World Vision International. Furthermore, IPA has purchased all the equipment needed, arranged for delivery to the various body builders and managed the complete supply chain. After the body builders finalised all the trucks (under constant control of IPA) inspections on each single unit were executed and a logistical master plan was designed. IPA designed a special reporting tool for the client to keep the stakeholders involved updated on a weekly basis. With this reporting tool IPA was able to have everyone updated at the same time with the same information. Furthermore, by the way of a logistical master plan IPA was able to offer the client substantial savings via integrated logistics and warehouse management. Finally all the equipment and trucks have been delivered to the final destination to the full satisfaction of the client. After the delivery was made IPA will remain responsible for handling any possible warranty claims and after sales requests. IPA also took care of the full transport insurance for all the equipment