Procurement Agent

International Procurement Agency BV acts as independent procurement agent for and on behalf of third parties. From needs assessment, identification and evaluation of requirements; preparation of tender specifications and tender documents; worldwide sourcing of goods, works and services; tender administration and evaluation; contract negotiation, award and management until final delivery and commissioning of the equipment. IPA ensures the client a tailored solution and a transparent administration of all transactions and regularly reports in user-friendly, pre-agreed formats.

IPA protects the interests of its clients at all stages of the Procurement Chain. After a careful preparation in which we closely define the service levels, scope of work and reporting formats, you can trust the implementation of the process to us. We will take care of the full procurement cycle, giving you ample opportunity to make decisions at critical stages and informing you meticulously on the progress made.


Highlighted projects

Pre-positioning Cordaid

In 2012 The Emergency response unit of Cordaid asked IPA to build and manage a stock of commonly required non-food items at a strategic location in central Africa. IPA will be responsible for the procurement process of goods and warehouse facilities and the downstream management of the stocks. The prepositioning will be an ongoing activity as distributed stocks will be replenished and the stock will be ready for a following emergency.
Simultaneous to the prepositioning in Kampala, IPA shall further explore the possibilities for prepositioning in South-East Asia and Central America.



HIV prevention programme Uganda, December 2013 – December 2014

As part of the Department for International Development support to the Ugandan Health sector , IPA has been requested to procure HIV/Aids test kits, general lab reagents, chemistry reagents and hematology requirements to supply the National Medical Stores in Uganda to bridge the gap in the national commodities.
IPA will manage the procurement process in accordance with DFID’s standard procurement procedures.