Emergency Response

The high prevalence of catastrophes, civil war, famine and displacement of tens of thousands of people has caused IPA to establish a special unit for Refugee Relief and Emergency Aid. With this unit we offer emergency supply services to relief aid organisations, governments and NGO’s, ranging from medical kits, blankets, buckets, food supply, tarpaulins, tents and shelter, to customized resettlement kits & Sanitary Units.

As an example, this unit has been actively involved in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone and surrounding countries, working as a procurement unit and a logistics unit for the programmes funded by DFID and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For this work IPA has been rewarded with a European Supply Chain Excellence Award for its efforts.

Upon request, IPA is able to set up a dedicated stock position for your organisation including warehouse management, insurance, kitting, re-packaging, labeling, inspection and delivery.

As an additional service to clients, we are able to offer ‘turn-key’ setting-up and management of (refugee) camps. Ranging from 500 people to 10.000 refugees seeking shelter, food and medical care.


Highlighted projects

Supply of Emergency Response items to the Dutch Royal Navy Ship, Karel Doorman

Protective clothing, beds, generators, field toilets, rubber gloves, bandages, mobile laboratories, field hospitals, almost 120 vehicles including ambulances: this is just a selection from the over 1,000 tons of aid supplies that HNLMS Karel Doorman is carrying to West Africa as part of the campaign to fight Ebola in November 2014. The Joint Logistic Support Ship departed 6th November 2014.

Karel Doorman

Aid supplies being loaded on to HNLMS Karel Doorman.

The supplies have been made available by the Dutch government, EU-member states, NGOs and aid organisations. Before sailing to West Africa, the Karel Doorman will dock at the English port of Southampton to pick up another 55 vehicles and about 100 tons of extra supplies. The 205-metre long ship will then be loaded to capacity.


Emergency Assistance Northern Iraq

On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IPA arranged supply of 22.500 kilo NRG-5 en 1.200 led-lights to Eindhoven Airbase to be airdropped in Northern Iraq in August 2014 as part of the International Humanitarian Aid for the Jezidi’s that have fled the Islamic State controlled areas. Upon arrival the items will be handed over to UNOCHA, who is responsible for the distribution of the food and non-food items.