20 August 2020


Some of the HPF personal Protective Equipment to be delivered by air in the HPF Juba warehouse.

Public health systems continue to come under severe strain due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the delivery of essential health services.As the outbreak continues to evolve globally, governments and their respective Ministries of Health (MoH) have continued to invest in prevention measure as there is no cure or vaccine yet. So far, the African continent had recorded over 100, 000 cases. As of 20th August 2020, South Sudan confirmed cases continued to rise with 2,494 confirmed cases and 47 deaths.

The over-arching goal of Health Pooled Fund (HPF) during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to ensure that essential health services continue to operate at optimum level at HPF supported facilities. To adapt to the new reality, the programme has revised activities to apply new, innovative ways of ensuring that the programme’s core pursuits continue, without compromising on quality.

With the steady rise in COVID-19 cases, the need for PPE is more critical than it has ever been in South Sudan. HPF has procured Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that will support in the response and case management of COVID-19 cases across the country. This consignment of PPE was delivered to the IPA/HPF warehouse in Juba and will be distributed across the country.

Personal Protective Equipment Distribution.

A total of 55 County Health Departments and hospitals will be receiving the PPE which have been packed into kits. Additional COVID-19 literatures on home management of persons with flu like symptoms are also included in the PPE distribution.

Alex Jones, the IPA/HPF distribution manager explained that these kits will be delivered to all the facilities targeted by the end of August 2020. “We are distributing 53 tonnes of PPE packed in 134 kits across 55 counties in eight states which we support. To enhance effectiveness and from lessons learnt from previous distributions, majority of these kits will be delivered by air with only kits going into Central Equatoria going by road. This will ensure that we have all these PPE in the facilities by 28th August 2020″ said Jones.


Health Pooled Fund Support during COVID-19

HPF continues to support the South Sudan MoH in delivering essential health care to communities across the country. In July 2020, HPF continued verification of COVID-19 preparedness, readiness in Guit, Koch, Kapoeta South, Maridi and Ibba counties where health programming is being implemented by CORDAID, International Rescue Committee (IRC), CCM and AMREF respectively.

Collaboratively, HPF, MoH, State Ministries of Health and HPF implementing partners have ensured that all supported health facilities are operational. Strict infection prevention measures have been put in place to ensure that patients and healthcare workers are not at risk.

HPF has also ensured that risk and behaviour change communication is a priority so as to raise awareness within the communities and encourage positive behaviour change. With the Boma health workers[1] being already engaged in the programme and present in the states, the programme took the opportunity to train those health workers, to enable them to pass on correct and consistent information within their communities.

In July 2020, 437,431 outpatient consultations were reported in HPF supported facilities. Out of these, 152,681 were for children under 5 years old. Additionally, BHWs delivered 87,692 treatments to children under five years for uncomplicated malaria (41,245), pneumonia (22,810) and diarrhoea (23,637).

[1] A community member(s) selected by the members of a Boma to provide community health services to the community. The BHWs are trained on how to treat and diagnose uncomplicated malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia and refer severe cases to the nearest health facility.


13 February 2020

South Sudan Health Supply Chain

Today, 13th of February 2020, the last boxes for the 10th consignment of medicines has left the warehouse!!


South Sudan Health Supply Chain support

8 March 2018

10 months ago we opened our new warehouse in Juba, South Sudan. We've achieved a lot since then and will continue our work on supply chain support for Health Pooled Fund!

Distribution Update

Distribution of essential drugs under Health Pooled Fund is ongoing and IPA is proud to see that our Juba Central Warehouse distributing C5 bulk and kit items for 8 states.

Distribution is currently ongoing and in full force, with an estimated completion period of another 3-4 weeks. We will be utilizing both Air and Road mode of transport.


Health Pooled Fund 2

Under the HPF Phase II (HPF2), IPA  supports the Government of the Republic of South Sudan with the essential components of the supply chain for pharmaceuticals and medical consumables. CHDs are supported in strengthening the supply chain management and utilization of quality pharmaceuticals and medical products in the county. Presently, most of the pharmaceuticals are delivered in a “push” system in the form of pre-packed kits. This will move this to a “pull” system according to the needs of the facilities, while still aligning to the MOH Essential Drugs list. This will require coherent strategies that will oversee quantification, procuring, financing, storage and distribution of drugs and supplies. It will mean using standard requisition and reporting forms, stock cards and monitoring the utilization of drugs at facilities.


IPA supports Emergency Relief Dutch Caribbean after hurricane 'Irma'

20 September 2017

IPA is proud to be part of the Dutch emergency relief effort in the Caribbean. The Netherlands sends the Joint Logistic Support Ship Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman to the Caribbean to support it after Hurricane Irma. The ship is primarily used for strategic sea transport of equipment and auxiliaries. On board of the marine vessel Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman are tipper trucks, water tankers, excavators, forklift trucks and chloride supplied by IPA.

IPA supplied forklifts in front of Karel Doorman

According to the current schedule, Karel Doorman will head for St. Maarten on Wednesday, September 20, arriving approximately two weeks later.
The Royal Army forces over 100 soldiers for emergency rescue. These reconstruction team genists will assist in taking emergency relief services. This provides the basis for future structural recovery work.



Distribution of emergency medicines and supplies

3 July 2017

In a celebration on 29 June, IPA partner, the Health Pooled Fund, together with the Ministry of Health launched the distribution of emergency medicines and medical supplies at the IPA warehouse in Juba.

Showing the IPA warehouse operations

Showing IPA warehouse operations

Minister of Health Dr Riek Gai Kok was among the invited guests and while addressing the audience, thanked the Health Pooled Fund’s donors.


In the coming weeks, 880 metric tonnes of medical supplies will be distributed by IPA throughout South Sudan both by road and air.


“There is no better time for this celebration, especially during the rainy season, when malaria and chest infections are on the rise,” the Minister of Health said.

“We are connected by humanity and with today’s intervention, we are doing something for the people of South Sudan. In this difficult time of nation building, we see that you have not abandoned us,” he continued.

The distribution is targeting 1,403 facilities throughout South Sudan, providing hospitals and smaller health posts with life-saving medical supplies such as antibiotics, vitamins and latex gloves, among many others. A total of 68 line items have been selected between donors and the Ministry of Health and are shipped out in bulk.

“These are aimed to treat patients even in the most remote parts of the country,” explains the Health Pooled Fund’s Head of Operations Mick Robson.

“We have made two similar distributions in the past year and are aiming to deliver even more supplies in the coming months,” he adds.

With tough logistics in South Sudan, round-trip deliveries can take up to two weeks and have to be planned thoroughly.

“Before we send the trucks out, we need to ensure we have the correct paperwork. We also coordinate with local teams on the ground throughout the country to guarantee safety,” explains Distribution Manager Brian Bloor.

Following the ceremony and symbolic hand-over of supplies, the Minister of Health, together with his Undersecretary Dr Makur Kariom, visited the IPA warehouse – the biggest in South Sudan – accompanied by representatives from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The delegation learned about the different shipments and was able to witness the loading of delivery trucks.

“This is our biggest distribution yet and the drugs we are supplying are absolutely essential and life-saving,” Mick Robson said.

The Minister of Heath ended his address with a warm “thank you to the donors and their governments.”

medical supplies

ceremony in front of IPA warehouse

DFID speech

Ministry of Health speech

Health Pooled Fund speech